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Extensive know-how and many years of experience in project management in Spain - these are the main pillars of Trienekens País Vascos's success.

Trienekens País Vasco's holding company, Trienekens GmbH, is located in Viersen, Germany, which is the centre of our longstanding experience. This expertise is coupled with our project management experience in Spain. With this know-how, we are able to offer customised environmental services.

Our Expertise:
We organise well-functioning logistics of waste management, separate useful materials from waste, process and dispose of waste materials. And we bring to market recycling products.

You Have the Choice
Working in co-operation with municipalities and provinces, Trienekens País Vasco is an experienced Partner. We offer a number of forms of co-operation - whether operating a separating and sorting facility or organising local waste management.
If you would like to secure the services of additional Partners through licencing agreements, we know how it works. If you would like to privatise existing organisations, we have the necessary experience. In Spain, we work closely with the regional government of Bizkaia and with the Green Dot organisation ECOEMBES.