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Have you got waste materials that you would like to dispose of?
If so, Trienekens País Vasco is the right Partner for you!
Trienekens País Vasco mixes paper wastes and used cardboard from companies and private households so that they are ideally suited for subsequent industrial applications. We are also able to process coated paper, labels, disposable towels and household paper towels for recycling. more
A wide variety of plastics is found in all areas of daily life - whether it be packaging, housing or engineering materials. But not all plastics are the same. Polyethylene reacts differently from polypropylene. We at Trienekens País Vasco have the know-how to sort and recycle these plastics. HDPE-PET bottles and LDPE films are among the materials most suitable for recycling. more
Although it is also widely used in daily life, few people know how easy it is to process excess wood. Trienekens País Vasco processed used wood, which can come in the form of crates or pallets, scrap wood from joineries, old furniture and timber from demolition sites. Untreated wood can be cut into the chips used to make chipboard. more